JAWLINER® - Bundle Pack - 2021 Special Deal
JAWLINER® - Bundle Pack - 2021 Special Deal
JAWLINER® - Bundle Pack - 2021 Special Deal
JAWLINER® - Bundle Pack - 2021 Special Deal

Bundle Pack
2021 Special Deal

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All-In-One JAWLINER®️ Tranformation Pack - we created this one precisely for people who want to get more results in less time. Start with the beginner level and become an expert.

💪🏽 Level up without waiting for your next JAWLINER®️ pair
🔥 3 in 1 training techniques for faster results
♻️ Save money! Get them all at once and SAVE 34,90€

You get:

✔ JAWLINER® - Beginner - one pair - workout gum
✔ JAWLINER® - Advanced - one pair - workout gum
✔ JAWLINER® - Expert - one pair - workout gum
✔ 2x JAWLINER® Carry-case to train wherever you want
✔ 2x JAWLINER® childproof bag for safe stowage
 Easy Workout instructions for fast, effective training
✔ 12 months of warranty


✔ German quality brand 
✔ Developed for professional jaw exercises
✔ Safe use - 100% food grade silicone from Germany
✔ High durability for more powerful workouts

✔ 12 months of warranty


® is the No. 1 tool for your regular jaw workout. Train and grow your jaw muscles by just chewing on it. This creates a well-defined jawline and gives you the confident, sexy look you always wanted.


 ✔ 100% BPA and PVC free
 ✔ High quality food grade silicone 
 ✔ German quality standards
 ✔ Certified by PICA Institute Berlin
 ✔ It works: 20.000 customers trust JAWLINER® for their jaw workout

your face

✔ Look your very best - by training your sexiest muscle!
✔ More quality of life - change how others see you by 360°!
✔ Be more confident - get those "masculine" facial features you always wanted!


®: Now you train your sexiest muscle whenever you want, wherever you want, without breaking a sweat.
Remember: Your face is the first thing someone looks at when talking to you. It is always visible and, according to a lot of studies, the number one thing people are most attracted to.
Millions of people spend hours every day training and optimizing their upper and lower body muscles - so why not start training your facial muscles, too?

Expand your jaw

✔ This is the masseter muscle
✔ It´s what everybody longs for

Training with JAWLINER® activates your muscles in the face and neck. Of these, the two most important muscles for your jawline are the Masseter muscle and the Temporalis muscle. Master the Masseter with JAWLINER® - for the confident, masculine jawline you deserve.


into a star

✔ More Power: Fearless, masculine look
✔ More Definition: Your facial features get wider and sharper
✔ Become a Rockstar: Your friends will no longer recognize you

Your facial muscles work like any other muscle in your body. With enough training, rest and nutrients, they will grow and develop over time. Use JAWLINER® regularly and you will have well-defined, angular facial features in no time. 



✔ 87% of us love strong jawlines
✔ Chiseled facial features emanate self-confidence

The scientific community has shown that we are more attracted to people with chiseled facial features: We love faces with strong, squared jawbones and hollow cheeks because they emanate self-confidence and look more interesting. We ourselves also feel more secure when we feel pretty. So folks: let's love ourselves!

for everyone

✔ Helping everyone get an attractive jawline fast
✔ Short workouts of 10-20 minutes every second day are enough to see results

JAWLINER® for everyone: women, men and non-binary people.  It is your friend for those highly effective workouts your jaw wants and needs.

Safety Instructions: 

Food grade silicone is a non-toxic type of silicone that doesn’t contain any chemical fillers or byproducts, making it safe for chewing on it. It consists of the same material pacifiers for babies are made of.
WARNING: Keep away from children - improper use may result in risk of swallowing and suffocation. Do not use JAWLINER® under the age of 14. Be careful not to chew on the canines, otherwise you may damage the JAWLINER. 
Always chew on the rough curved side of the JAWLINER® so that the logo is visible on the sides. Don't do more than 10-20 minutes of intensive jaw sessions every second day! Stop using JAWLINER® if you feel any kind of pain during workouts. in case of jaw problems or if you are not sure whether you should use JAWLINER®, please consult your doctor or orthopedic surgeon before starting your training. Use JAWLINER® at your own risk.

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