Replacement Police:

1. Please note that we need all the questions of the form answered. If we do not receive sufficient information, we reserve our right to refuse the replacement.

2. If we are provided with incorrect or doubtful information, the general right for replacements for this customer will be forfeited.

3. Intensional destruction or defects caused by incorrect use are generally excluded from replacement.

4. The right to replacement only applies to orders placed in the online shop of JAWLINER Germany:

5. The number of replacements for customers of the online shop is unlimited. However, the customer may not request more than one replacement for the same case.

6. The first exchange of a defective JAWLINER for an order placed in our online shop within the last 12 months is completely free of charge. No charge will be made neither for the product nor for shipping.
From the second exchange on, we ask for your understanding that we have to charge €6.95 for shipping.

7. In case of suspicion or any sign of unclear cases, we reserve our right to refuse the exchange or to change our policy. The current terms and conditions of our Replacement Policy are posted on the following page (only): . Any other promises made on other sites or by third parties that contradict this Replacement Policy are invalid.