fb-tracker Jawline Exercises: 8 Moves for a Better Jawline

8 Exercises For A Better Jawline

“You can change the shape of
your face.
You just need to know how!"

In the following article, I explain step by step how you can train your jaw muscles at home in just a few minutes. At the beginning, you will find exercises that you can easily do without equipment. Then we move on to workouts for which you need special training gadgets.

All exercises are specifically designed to activate the masseter muscles, which lie directly above your jawbone and are usually responsible for the chewing process. Through targeted training, they enlarge and ensure a striking, strong jawline and the well-known attractive, masculine look.
I recommend repeating the exercises at least 3 times a week for the best long-term results.

1. Moon Kissing

Straighten your neck and look upwards. Now form your lips into a kiss, trying to stretch your lower lip upwards as far as possible. You should feel a tugging in your throat and jaw region.
Repeat the kissing exercise 30 times and then take a 5-minute break.

2. Side Kiss

Form your mouth into a kiss. Then, in the first step pull the right corner of your mouth upwards as far as possible. Try to hold this position for at least 3 seconds and relax the corners of your mouth for a short time.
Now repeat the exercise on the left side and pull the corner of your left mouth upwards as far as possible. Try to hold the position again for at least 3 seconds.
Relax the corners of your mouth and repeat this exercise between 30 to 60 times. You will soon notice that the muscles around your mouth and cheeks get tired.

3. Lipp Press

First, press your upper and lower jaw together and then start to press your lips and the corners of your mouth together. In this exercise, all the muscles around your mouth and jaw should tense.

Remain in the tense position for 10 seconds and release it then.
This is a very efficient exercise and should not be repeated more than 5 times for beginners. As soon as you notice that your face and jaw muscles have not been sufficiently worked out, you can repeat this exercise 10 times.

4. Crazy Grin

  1. Form your mouth into a wide grin and try to stretch the corners of your mouth as far as possible in both directions. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds.Try to lengthen the grin position each time to increase your training efficiency.

5. Cheek Stretch

    1. Fill both of your cheeks with air. Make sure you keep as much air as possible in your cheeks. Your cheeks and mouth muscles should stretch. Hold this position for 3 minutes.Try to blow more air into your cheeks each time without letting it escape through your mouth and hold again for a while. Then relax by moving your mouth loosely.You will notice that your mouth and cheek muscles have to work hard not to lose air during the exercise.

6. Mouth Stretch

Open your mouth as wide as you can and try to hold the position for 60 seconds.Then, in the open position, begin to open your mouth even more. You will notice how your jaw muscles stretch and lengthen. Repeat the stretching exercise 10 times and then relax your mouth.During the exercise you will notice how your jaw joint moves in and out. If you feel uncomfortable or if the stretching exercises are painful or uncomfortable, stop the exercise and consult your family doctor.

7. Bite and Hold

For this exercise I would recommend the JAWLINER.
If you don't have a JAWLINER at hand: take a wine cork, cut it lengthwise so that you have two long pieces of the same size - similar to the JAWLINER.
Now take both JAWLINER (or wine cork halves) and place them on the two back molars. Close your mouth and slowly bite down halfway. Be careful not to squeeze as hard as possible. This is neither healthy for your teeth nor the JAWLINER.

Never do this exercise without something between your teeth. Biting without a resistance between the biting surfaces is very unhealthy for the teeth! Also, make sure that you buy JAWLINER from certified dealers. The original JAWLINER has been tested by German laboratories to the highest standards for harmful components. Alternatives from China may not have such high safety standards and, in the worst case, may not have been tested by orthodontists.
A list of certified dealers can be found here: Dealers JAWLINER

8. Fast Chewing

For this exercise you need "hard" chewing gum.
I recommend the JAWLINER gum. In my experience, it is the hardest and most durable gum on the market. Mastik Resin or Falim Gum are also okay, but not quite as tough and therefore not as effective.

Put your gum in your mouth and bite down quickly. You can bite all the way down so that your chewing gum is completely cut once. Make sure you do not make any rotating chewing movements, but move your jaws up and down in a controlled manner.
Repeat this process 30 times. At first, you won't be able to do 30 repetitions and your jaw muscles will be exhausted after just a few bites. Then take a 2-minute break and repeat the exercises again until you reach 30 repetitions.
A list of certified dealers can be found here: Dealers JAWLINER


  1. As many impressive before and after pictures show, it is possible to change your face shape with a lot of diligence and patience. But one should always keep in mind that exercising the face alone is not enough. It is even more important to do a lot of sport in general and to have a healthy diet. This is your way to an attractive jawline.Please always note:If you feel any pain during or after the exercises or if you have any oral or maxillofacial conditions, I DON’T recommend you to do the exercises above.If you are not sure, it is better to consult your family doctor first.