JAWLINER Ambassador and Influencer Program

Join the JAWLINER Brand Ambassador program and earn money:

  • Earn 20% commission on every order you generate, paid out via PayPal

  • Track your statistics and earnings with your own JAWLINER ambassador dashboard

  • Personalized discount coupons: Get additional 10% discount coupons on all our products for your followers

  • Use product referral links for your website or blog to earn even more commissions

  • Get featured on our social media and grow your fanbase

  • You have more than 10k organic followers: Contact us and request free JAWLINER product samples


Do I have what it takes to be a JAWLINER Ambassador?

  • Are you excited to use our products, show them to your followers and tell them more about jaw muscle training?

  • Do you have the skills and equipment to produce a comprehensive review video and take some nice photos?

  • Are you ready to do a 30 to 90 days jaw workout challenge with (or without) your followers and present your results on your social media or blog/website?

  • Do you want to promote your 10% discount coupons and referral links to earn 20% commission on all qualified orders?

  • Will you share feedback on JAWLINER products and support us in continually improving our products?

If the answer to the above questions is “yes”, please don’t hesitate contacting us – we are very excited to have you on board!

Who can be a JAWLINER ambassador?
Influencers on the following platforms / websites can participate:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Product review sites
  • Fitness / beauty and active lifestyle blogs


How does it work?

Upon approval and after joining our program, you will get access to an online portal where you'll find your 10% discount code for your followers, your referral links, banner ads and tracking statistics on your progress. Every time one of your followers uses your discount code or link, you earn a 20% commission on the purchase made. You'll be able to track the commissions in your account.


How can I start?


1. Option: start directly

  • You're a social media expert, want to start right away and are just interested in the discount code for your followers? Then start earning money now and sign in here:

2. Option

  • You want to get a free product sample first or get some tips, tricks and ideas on where and how to promote our brand in the best way to earn money as soon as possible? Then sign in here: