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Ambassador and Influencer Program

Earn money with the JAWLINER Brand Ambassador program:

  • you earn 20% commission on any orders you generate, paid via PayPal

  • you get an ambassador dashboard where you can track your statistics and earnings

  • Personalized discount coupon: 10% discount coupon on all products for your followers

  • Product referral links for your website or blog to generate more commission

  • We will feature you on our social media and help you grow

  • For Influencers with more than 10k follower: request for free product samples


What do you need?

  • Be excited to use our products, show them and tell your followers about the topic of jaw muscle training.

  • Make sure you have the possibility to produce a review video and shoot some nice photos.

  • Do a 30 to 90 days jaw workout challenge with or without your followers and present your results on your social media or blog/website.

  • Promote your 10% discount coupon and referral links to earn 20% commission on all qualified orders.

  • Share feedback about our products and help us to continually improve.


Who is this program for?

  • YouTuber
  • Instagramer
  • TikToker
  • Product review sites
  • Fitness / beauty and active lifestyle blogs


How does it work?

Upon approval and after signing in you will get access to an online portal where you'll find a 10% discount code for your followers, your referral links, banner ads and statistics about your progress. Every time one of your followers uses your discount code or link you earn 20% of the purchase he or she made. You'll be able to track the commissions in your account.


How can I start?


1. Option: start directly

  • Your are a social media expert and just interested in the discount code for your follower in order to start? Then start promoting our brand and earning money - sign in here:

2. Option

  • You want to get a product for free first, get some tips and tricks, some ideas about where and how to promote our brand JAWLINER in order to earn money. Then sign in here: