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Posted - 06 th February - Anton Perl

Here you will find answers to many questions about Jawliner

Where are the JAWLINERS shipped from? 

The JAWLINER was developed and designed in Germany. We are a German company, therefore we ship from Germany by to the whole world by Netherland Post.

To which countries do you ship?

Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, India, Malaysia, Oman, Taiwan, Thailand, Norway, Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Åland Islands, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bouvet Island , Croatia, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Mayotte, Monaco, North Macedonia, Portugal, Réunion, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Spain, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden, Ukraine, United States

How much does the shipping cost?  

From an order of at least 27€ the shipping is free worldwide.

How long does the shipping take?

The shipping time depends on the destination country. Within Germany our JAWLINERs arrive at the customer between 2-4 days. International shipping e.g. to India or USA can take 2-6 weeks or longer.

With which company do you ship?

We ship by Netherland Post for international orders, your package will be handed over to the respective local shipping company at your national borders.
For Germany use DHL.

Can I track my order?

Yes of course you can track your order. Just go to http://track.jawliner.de and enter your tracking number. If you have any questions about shipping, just send us an email to: service@jawliner.de

Where can I order JAWLINER?

Currently you can only order JAWLINER on our website www.jawliner.de in the shop: https://jawliner.de/collections/frontpage

Are there local shops?

Currently you can only order JAWLINER on our website www.jawliner.de in the shop: https://jawliner.de/collections/frontpage
In the future JAWLINER will also be available in German retail stores.

Which payment methods are available?

We provide the following payment methods:
PayPal, Credit Card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Instant, Bank Transfer, Klarna, Shopify Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay.

Do you have the payment option "Cash on Delivery"?

At the moment not yet. In future "Cash on Delivery" will be available for India.

What is the difference between "JAWLINER medium" and "JAWLINER hard"?

The difference is definitely not to underestimate. If you are a beginner we recommend to start with JAWLINER medium. Later you can change to JAWLINER hard. Without experience and prior training JAWLINER hard is too extreme for most beginners.

How long does a JAWLINER pair last?

That depends totally on your strength in your jaw. If you start with JAWLINER medium and have bitten through it after a while, the time is ripe to change to JAWLINER hard. Normally you should be able to train with it for 1-3 months.

Are there any toxins in the material?

No absolutely not! JAWLINER consists of 100% FDA certified food silicone. So without BPA and PVC.

How long does the taste last?

Usually the taste lasts 1-3 months.

How long should I train?

Please do not train for more than 5-10 minutes every other day. Especially for beginners without mature jaw muscles overtraining can lead to complaints.

When do you see first results

It depends on your body fat percentage. If your body fat percentage is low, you can already see the first results after 3-6 weeks. Usually, however, the topic of muscle build-up is something long-term and depends entirely on your stamina. After 3-6 months, our customers see measurable results on average.

Why not just chew gum?

Chewing gum is definitely better than nothing.
But if you want to train your jaw muscles effectively and achieve visible results, you need harder material to chew.
The JAWLINER is therefore not a substitute for chewing gum. It is a training device and should also be used as such. Since training with JAWLINER is very purposefully straining your jaw muscles, do not use it for more than 5-10 minutes every other day.

What is the difference between JAWLINER and Mewing?

When training with JAWLINER, the jaw muscles are trained to change the shape of your face by growing muscle mass. Thereby you can achieve results in a very short time.
Mewing, on the other hand, focuses on a long-term change in the shape of the face by getting used to a certain tongue position. Here, we do not focus on training and shaping specific muscle groups, but on changing the shape and position of the jawbone in the long term. This is relatively easy to change during the growth phase, but at a later age it is impossible to achieve short-term success.

Is it possible to influence or change the position of the jaw bones by training with the JAWLINER?

Primarily no, because jaw bones cannot be trained. However, our body is a living organism that can adapt to new situations. As soon as the jaw musculature grows, the position of the jawbone changes as well. However, this is a very long process and can take years.

Is it possible to strengthen the jaw muscles by training with the JAWLINER?

Yes definitely! The JAWLINER was developed especially for this purpose. Through specific training of the jaw muscles the jaw muscles will grow and your Jawline will appear visibly more powerful and pronounced.

What are the best exercises with the JAWLINER?

Here is a small overview of the best exercises with the JAWLINER:

JAWLINER 2.0 instructions

1. Start the workout

Take your JAWLINER 2.0, wash them with warm water and place them on the molar teeth: start just with one on the right side. Make sure to place them between the last 2 teeth, chewing on the rough and curved surface.
- Be careful to not chew on the front and canines, otherwise you will destroy the JAWLINER 2.0

2. Chew slowly

Chew slowly to the limit and hold it for 1 second. Repeat this exercise until your jaw muscles get tired. This should take around one minute.

3. Chew fast

Chew quickly but in a controlled manner for another minute.

4. Switch the side

Now switch the side and place your JAWLINER 2.0 on the left side. Repeat the exercises you just did: one minute of slow, one of fast chewing.

5. Take your second JAWLINER

Take a short break of about 2 minutes. Relax. Feel your jaw muscles - they are on fire! - Now pick both of your JAWLINERs and place one on each side.


6. Chew slowly

As you did before, chew slowly and hold. Make only controlled up and down movements - that's very important. Now that you chew with two JAWLINERs 2.0 it will be way harder. Repeat this exercise as long as you can ensure a clean execution (about 10-20 repetitions).

7. Chew fast

Repeat the quick chewing in an equally controlled clean up and down movement.

8. Feel the difference

Look into the mirror and see the difference. You can almost see your jaw muscle growing. Continue this hard workout and you will get a really strong and masculine jawline, faster than you expect - yeah!
- Do not more than 5-10 minutes intensive jaw workout every second day!
- Be careful to not chew on the front and canines, otherwise you will destroy the JAWLINER 2.0



Does training with JAWLINER damage the TMJ?

After consultation with our orthodontist the training with JAWLINER is not jaw straining. But only if you follow our training recommendations: Do not train more than 5-10 minutes every other day!