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Meet the JAWLINER Team

The passionate minds and friendly faces of JAWLINER

"As any proper story should, ours also begins inside a bar..."


...one cold spring night in 2013, over a beer a friend of ours told us about his dedicated efforts of gaining jaw muscles in order to get that sharp, sexy look everybody desires. He was so damn ambitious, he even went so far as to freeze some chewing gum in a freezer, only to have something hard to bite on for jaw training – what an absolute mad lad! However, his crazy, but at the same time brilliant idea stuck with us. After all, at that time there was no functional training device on the market for that purpose.

What followed were years and months of research, brainstorming, development, medical examination and tireless creative efforts. Nowadays, we are proud to have grown to a bigger, bolder and more determined team, full of crazy ideas that drive us ever onwards.

By the way: Our friend has long ceased chewing on frozen gum. He has become one of the greatest JAWLINER fans and continues testing ever new JAWLINER models for us – like exercise, creative improvements never stop.


"The Brain"

Our creative brain, passionately pursuing new ideas until the world is ready for them. With his good eye for detail, charismatic self-confidence and magnetic eloquence, he wins the minds and hearts of everyone around him.


“The Organizer”

A pragmatic organizational talent and logistic genius, René keeps track of document piles the height of the Eiffel tower. His office is a strategic command center every 5-Star General would be proud of, while his living room regularly resembles a shisha bar for the team.


“The Motor”

High-octane and always running, Chris is the motor that keeps business running and always has an ace up its sleeve. Even at 3 a.m. in the middle of the night, the solution to any problem is always only a phone call away.


“The Manager”

Fearless Pim, our production manager, always has an open ear for our customers. She’s a Badass Businesswoman, always on fire and rocking the floor with style.


“The Queen”

Queen of languages and absolute spelling-fanatic. María is our linguistic gatekeeper and the one you'll speak to if you are an influencer and also want to become a face and brand ambassador of JAWLINER.


“The Jack of all Trades”

Patrick, true multi-talent and all-rounder in developing fresh marketing ideas and processes. As a true Road Warrior, his passion is riding his motorbike up and down the German No-Speed-Limit-Highways.


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