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JAWLINER® Mewing Ring
JAWLINER® Mewing Ring
JAWLINER® Mewing Ring
JAWLINER® Mewing Ring
JAWLINER® Mewing Ring

JAWLINER® Mewing Ring

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Learn proper Mewing in 5 Minutes

The Mewing Ring is the perfect tool to easily learn the correct tongue posture for the original mewing technique by Dr. Mike Mew. Many people struggle to find the proper tongue placement or even train themselves with incorrect tongue positioning. With the Mewing Ring, you can now experience what proper mewing feels like for the first time. Use the Mewing Ring to understand where your tongue should be placed according to the teachings of Dr. Mike Mew. Avoid improper practices, don't miss the chance to get crazy Mewing results and start your mewing revolution now.

Remember Mewing all day

As soon as your tongue leaves the upper palate, you will notice the Mewing Ring. This serves as a reminder to internalize the original mewing tongue position as quickly as possible. Permanent mewing promises faster and more effective results.

First tool to track your Mewing Intensity

Our JAWLINER Mewing Ring has the unique advantage of offering three different hardness levels to allow you to track the intensity of Mewing for the first time.

These 3 different hardness levels for gradually increasing difficulty make sure that you are always challenged during your workout and motivate you to keep up the pressure for faster results.
As a beginner, you start out with the Mewing Ring that is the easiest to press and hold against your palte. If you can keep it pressed against the upper palate for 10 minutes continuously without much effort, you know that your tongue muscle is already so strong that you are ready for the next step.
Once you achieve the same success with the Advanced Ring, you know that you can progress to the ultimate and final challenge, The Expert Ring.

Once you have mastered this level, you can proudly call yourself a real mew expert and know that you have built up the maximum tongue power to do hard mewing for best results.

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Mewing Ring FAQ

What is the use case of the Mewing Ring?

The JAWLINER Mewing Ring will help you to learn the proper technique for "Suction Mewing" and strength training for your tongue.

How do I use the Mewing Ring?

You put the Mewing Ring onto your tongue, seal your lips and start to swallow your spit, which will create a vacuum that automatically moves your tongue with the Mewing Ring towards the top of your mouth.

What is the best Mewing Ring you can buy in 2024?

Its by far the JAWLINER Mewing Ring, because it is the only tool which helps you to track your mewing progress with its 3 different hardness levels.