The Mewing Hype Explained

Posted - 7th of April 2021

A British orthodontist names Dr. Mike Mew invented a facial restructuring technique that involves tongue placement on the roof of the mouth which research says can help reshape the face and as well as other facial structural issues.

There is alot of questions about this technique, and if it can really make your face more attractive. We will try to answer everything you need to know about mewing in this article.

How does mewing work?

This exercise has received a lot of attention online especially having gone viral on YouTube. This new exercise is not actually something created recently. This type of exercise is recommended by some orthodontists as well as other medical professionals. While many people typically rest their tongues on the bottom of their mouths, people that practice mewing rest their tongues on the roof of their mouths. All of this can help relieve pain from jaw related problems.

Despite the attraction the technique has been gaining online, this does have a lot of limitations that may hinder what is seen on YouTube. Many people have posted videos giving their best tips on how to proceed with this exercise. But the most reliable channel is of Dr. Mew himself which has been running since 2012 and has many videos already posted that offer great advice. Not everything seen online Will work, it is recommended to see a doctor for diagnosis or treatment if there is persistent mouth and jaw medical concern.

Explained: How to Mew

To learn the main technique of mewing is how to accurately reposition the tongue into a new resting place. People that practice this believe that the tongues natural place should be on the roof of the mouth, with the lips together, and the teeth either touching or fairly close together. Over time this exercise should help change the overall facial features, this Will mostly be visible on the jawline.

Another Benefit that people hope this Will cure is potentially relieve some form of jaw pain as well as some relief from snoring. The art of how to mew is supposed to work by allowing the jawline to be much more defined. Practicing this can result in shaping the face to make the jaw larger, stronger, and more squared.

What are Mewing Results?

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As mentioned earlier on, the original creator of this technique was said to be Dr. Mew. Although the exercises were not actually created by the orthodontist there are many videos online that show the different exercises that can be done to achieve results that are seen in many places. While there are videos that show a timeline of before and after pictures of positive results, there are also some videos that completely negate other peoples results and the popularity of the exercises having some sort of success.

Many people have come to believe that the exercise isn´t the sole factor that changes the dynamic of one’s face. Since there has been no credible or peer reviewed study it can also be believed that the lack of effort put into mewing can also make the jawline worse. There is also the possibility that it could provide some helpful techniques for children that suffer with tongue posture issues that have the potential to lead to irregular bites and speech issues later as they grow.

Takeaway from this Article

While mewing has been tried by many people with intentions to better their jawline. There are experts that fear that some people that currently need some sort of surgery or other medical treatment Will postpone that to try and fix any issue by themself. That is why it is strongly recommended to speak to a qualified doctor if you are suffering from any current issues. A trained medical specialist can address the structural and cosmetic issue that needs to be dealt with in order to efficiently fix any concern.

The JAWLINER is a powerful tool for regular exercise sessions. By chewing on it strongly you train and increase your jaw muscles. This enforces a defined jawline and thus a more confident and sexy look.