What exactly does JAWLINER Nose Tape do?

JAWLINER Nose Tape helps open up your airways so you can breathe deeply and calmly through your nose even if this is currently blocked!

Is removing the tape painful or damaging to the skin?

The tape is designed to be skin-friendly and should come off smoothly in the morning without causing pain or damage. It's similar to removing a medical or sports tape that's gentle on the skin.

Will I still be able to breathe normally with the Nose Tape applied?

Yes, the tape doesn't obstruct your breathing. It's only meant to help you get more air through your nose during breathing.

Can using this tape help reduce my snoring?

Yes! Many users report a reduction in snoring because nasal breathing is generally more efficient and less likely to cause snoring compared to mouth breathing or nose breathing without the additional help our Tape offers.

How long does one bag of JAWLINER Nose Tape last?

Each bag contains enough tape for 30 uses, providing a one month supply.

Is there an adjustment period for getting used to the tape?

Some people might need a few nights to get accustomed to the sensation of having their mouth closed by the tape. It's a unique feeling, but most users adapt quickly.